• 13/12/2012 /  Children's Fund, News

    A big love-filled thank you to everyone for your generous support!

    We have filled all available spaces for our end of year gathering. Our apologies that we could not meet demand for places this time. We will have other enjoyable social events to look forward to in the new year.

    We have also had a very strong response to supporting the event from those unable to attend, with donations for the hamper prize as well as monetary contributions.

    As our hamper prizes are growing, we would like to open the invitation to those unable to attend the evening to purchase tickets for prizes which include items ranging from sweets and wine to your very own personal trainer with nutritional support to help get you fit in the new year.

    Tickets are available for $5 each or 3 tickets for $10.  Please contact Nathalie here to arrange purchase of tickets, payment for which can be made to:

    The Karuna Foundation Children’s Fund 

    Commonwealth Bank of Australia
    BSB: 062217
    Account Number: 0090 7091

    Thank you all again for your wonderful support and we hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • 04/12/2012 /  Children's Fund, News

    Shinju Restaurant

    Our end of year gathering is fast approaching and set for Sunday 16th December 2012!

    It will be a great opportunity to enjoy great company and food, as well as to raise funds for the Karuna Foundation Children’s Fund.

    The funds raised from the evening will go towards the Fukushima Project to give respite to children affected by the Fukushima Disaster. This project is is set to become a reality in 2013 and more details can be found here.

    We have organised a very healthy 13 course Japanese Teppanyaki banquet for the evening and it’s going to be both fun and delicious! Our meals will be masterfully cooked in front of us by entertaining Teppanyaki chefs.  We have also organised some light entertainment for you all on the evening so it is set to be a very fun night!

    Shinju Restaurant Cuisine

    Date: Sunday 16th December 2012

    Place: Shinju Japanese Restaurant 51 Berry St North Sydney NSW 2060
    Time: 7 pm
    Price: $70 (includes donation to the Fukushima Project and a raffle ticket for hamper prizes)
    Theme: Japan
    RSVP: Places for this dinner are limited due to the venue. RSVP as soon as possible to Karina here or phone 0413 869 433.


  • 30/11/2012 /  Children's Fund

    Dear Karuna Friends,

    We are currently putting together an exciting raffle prize for our Christmas fundraiser!

    Any donations for the hampers would be greatly appreciated (for example food items, household items, gift vouchers etc) which could be used in a Raffle prize on that day.

    There will be a collection box for these items at the next Meditation meetings on the 4th or 6th of December, or for other arrangements please contact Nathalie on 0403 725 386. Bring an item and be entered in the raffle.

    Proceeds from the evening and the raffle prize will go towards the Fukushima Project. Details for the project can be found here at our new website.

    Details to come shortly regarding our Christmas Gathering on the 16th of December! So stay tuned and please keep this date in your diary!

    Warm wishes,
    Karuna Foundation Children’s Fund Fundraising Committee

  • 30/11/2012 /  Children's Fund, News

    Come visit our new website, now live at  The Karuna Fukushima Project. Read the latest news about Karuna’s Fukushima Children Australia Respite Care Program planned for August 2013 and how you can get involved. Tell us what you think by contacting Nara here or by phone on 02 9929 8643.  Feel free to e-mail or phone to express your interest!

  • 12/11/2012 /  Children's Fund

    Dear Karuna Foundation  Children’s Fund Members and Karuna Friends,

    This is to let you know that our AGM will be held as follows:

    Date: Tuesday 27th November
    Time: 8:30 pm (after meditation meeting)
    Venue: 150 Walker Street, North Sydney NSW 2060

    This is an excellent opportunity to hear about our achievements, thanks to your ongoing support.

    There will be an update on our exciting new activity for 2013 and beyond, the Fukushima disaster children’s respite project.

    An agenda and nominations for positions  will follow.

    If you have any queries, or to RSVP, please contact our Chair, Karina at karina [at] thekarunafoundation [dot] org [dot] au



    Rob & Coni (Co-Secretaries)


  • 03/11/2012 /  Children's Fund

    The warmer weather is approaching and we think that it is time for some fun social events!

    Our first dinner together was a big success with a great time had by all who attended, and we were able to raise much needed funds to improve the heating at the Karuna Centre. Thank you so much to all who attended!!

    Our next social gathering will be held next Friday the 9th at a Cafe in North Sydney which one of our members has recently opened up.

    Date: Friday 9th November

    Time: 6:30PM
    Place: Passeggio Espresso Bar (Mark’s Cafe) 121 Walker St North Sydney
    Price: $35 for a special menu that Mark is organising for us which includes hot and cold beverages (optional additional $5 donation to Karuna Foundation Children’s Fund)

    In addition to this event, we are in the process of finalising details for our end of year gathering which is set to be held in the evening of Sunday December 16th. Please save the date! More details to come!

    Please reply to Karina here as soon as possible so we have an idea of how many to expect.

    Looking forward to seeing you!

    Best Regards,

    The Karuna Fundraising Team

  • 31/07/2012 /  Meditation Courses

    Dear Karuna Friends,

    This Tuesday 31 July and Thursday 2 August at 150 Walker St 7 pm, we begin a new meditation course entitled:

    ‘The Big Sky Beyond’

    Presented by Malcolm Pearce PhD

    The first session is entitled ‘A Bird’s Eye view of the Six Realms’

    One of the topics will be ‘How do you know which one you are in?

    All welcome.

    We look forward to seeing you there.


  • 25/05/2012 /  Children's Fund, News

    Dear Karuna friends,

    We’re heading into winter and it’s sure getting chilli!

    You are invited to join us in creating a little warmth with some delicious Thai cuisine and great company next Sunday 3rd June. This dinner will be the first of a few events we hope to host through the year in order for us to catch up and reflect on the many fun and meaningful times shared over the years, as well as raising some funds for Karuna. Friends and family are most welcome as always!

    All proceeds raised from this dinner will be used towards improving heating facilities at the Karuna Sanctuary, Katoomba, a cause close to all of our hearts!  

    Details are:

    Date: Sunday June 3rd

    Time: 6: 30PM

    Location: Simple and Irresistible Thai Restaurant, 283 Miller St North Sydney.

    Cost: $40PP (Includes $10 donation).

    What you can expect: A selection of tempting entrees (Spring rolls, curry puffs, stay chicken and more) and mains (Chicken curry, massaman curry or delicious Pad Thai), steamed rice and a drink of your choice.

    The restaurant is located next to the North Sydney Oval, corner of Ridge Street. For more information on the venue click here.

    Please RSVP as soon as possible with any dietary requirements (the restaurant is happy to cater for vegetarian and vegan diets with prior notice) to myself (Karina) by email here or by phone on 02 9929 8643. Don’t hesitate to e-mail or phone with any questions! Looking forward to seeing you all soon and sharing some warmth!

    Best Regards,

    Karina, Viviane, Nathalie and Chris (The new Karuna fundraising sub-committee)

  • 26/01/2012 /  Retreats

    Karuna Sanctuary, Katoomba

    December 2, 3 and 4 2011

    Wild kangaroos, The Karuna Santuary, Katoomba

    Wild kangaroos, The Karuna Santuary, Katoomba (Photo: Remko)

    Celebration of Reiki
    by Susi
     ‘Just for today, I won’t get angry, I won’t worry, I’ll be grateful, I’ll work hard, I’ll be kind’.

    We learned of the power of imagination which can help the real power of Reiki to grow. Of giving and receiving and the two fused into one.  Of respect for the receiver of Reiki.

    We imagined / discovered the life force in everything  around us, and the movement of waves out from ourselves, and back into ourselves.

    We realised the universality of healing across religions, all with one hand on the head, one on the heart, all caring, all healing.  Children and animals give and/or  receive Reiki intuitively . . . even trees, we found out as we leaned on them for support and life energy in the cool sunshine of Karuna’s beautiful bush garden.

    Experiencing Reiki in a beautiful bush garden

    Experiencing Reiki in a beautiful bush garden (Photo: Matt)


    In Malcolm’s meticulously prepared booklet, we found the power symbol, Choku Rei, the First symbol, the power of ‘here and now’.  And the love symbol, Sei He Ki, the Second symbol, the healing power of love and compassion. We drew both  symbols as they appeared to us personally, each representation different, each one perfect in its individuality.

    As we practised Reiki, the two symbols came together to open us to its flow. We rubbed our hands vigorously to energise them, visualised connection with the symbols, plugging into the life energy and compassion all around us.  In the ‘tunnel’  ( lantern avenue, lighted way, fluorescent boulevard) of Reiki, our hands, like radiators, channelled our force through our companions.

    Practising Reiki

    Practising Reiki (Photo: Remko)


    We learned how Mikao Usui ‘discovered’ the healing powers of Reiki after 21 days of spiritual training. Almost as  a by-product. He asserted that the ability to practice Reiki is innate in every person.

    We remembered our friend Mark , and his untimely death from cancer, and the supporting role Reiki played in his gentle passing.  He had everything to live for, but he let it all go, saying he felt ‘complete’, thereby giving great comfort to those grieving family members and friends who loved him.

    I personally discovered the benefit of Reiki in accepting the transformation over time of some personal relationships. Giving Reiki to my retreat companions, I extended it further out to certain other persons in my life, and found  I could bid a peaceful and loving farewell;   freeing  them, and myself, from old patterns which no longer applied, and letting them go to take a new form, or come to an end.

    Experiencing the life energy and support of nature

    Experiencing the life energy and support of nature (Photo: Matt)


    I humbly thank  Malcolm for his dedication and hard work, his brilliant insights and guidance.  And  Nara for creating her usual magic in the kitchen, and everywhere else! And Karina, for her eternally gorgeous smile which is such a window into her soul.  And all my other companions at the retreat for their friendship and support.

    Hasta luego!!

    Susi xxx


  • 26/01/2012 /  Meditation Courses

    by Malcolm

    Intervals of Freedom

    An invitation to all Karuna friends.

    A new meditation course commencing fortnightly at 150 Walker Street.

    Meditation gives you intervals of being free from fuss and bother,

    free from stress and worry, and free from problems.

    So how do you get like that?

    Well, it’s not about being like this:

    Three Wise Monkeys

    It’s not about shutting out or switching off. Why? Because if you do that,  you have to eventually stop being switched off.

    and all the problems just come swarming back in again.

    Being free of worry and fuss begins  when you learn to scale your problems and bothers down in size

    and this is done in meditation.

    by learning to extend your consciousness and expand your mind.

    It’s about becoming like this:

    ‘With tranquil minds and constantly in contemplation
    they are peaceful, unprejudiced, at rest and free from longing,
    immune from all distraction and delusion.
    Their minds are calm and clear, profound and infinite.’
    (The Threefold Lotus Sutra)

    Choose either:

    Tuesday 31st January  7 pm


    Thursday 2nd February  7 pm

    For information call 9929 8463 or email Nara