• 14/09/2009 /  Children's Fund

    Dear Friends of Karuna,

    As chairman of the Karuna Foundation Childrens Fund I am writing to you seeking help in an administrative matter.

    As most of you are aware the childrens fund is an organisation set up by Malcolm and Nara some years ago to provide support for refugee and other children who are in special need. For example a number of you helped us recently with the beach picnic for Sudanese children and their mothers at Clifton Gardens.

    This organisation has an active committee but is in need of support in auditing its annual accounts. We are fortunate in having a volunteer accountant who handles the preparation of our annual accounts but unfortunately ,for personal reasons our auditor has had to resign. As the Karuna community and its friends cover a wide area of skills and abilities I thought it worthwhile to ask you for help in filling this gap.

    If you know of a company auditor or of an accountant who could act as an auditor and who would be willing to bring the audit of our accounts up to date and help us with our future requirements, I would really appreciate you contacting me or Nara.

    Graham Lockhart