• 14/09/2010 /  Retreats

    Weekend Residential Meditation Workshop

    Program: 15-16-17 October 2010

    Fri p.m. 8.30

    Hands of Light.

    Reiki meditation. A cleansing away of negative energy.

    Sat a.m. 9.00

    Awakening! What Does it Mean?

    Three inspiring descriptions from three traditions.

    Sat a.m. 11.30

    Time Traveller

    What the Lotus Sutra says about your past and future lives. Finding the past and future in the here and now.

    Sat p.m. 2.00

    The Jewel in the Robe

    Installing a time capsule at the peace stupa followed by meditation on hidden sources of awakening.

    Sat p.m. 3.30

    Manjusri’s Lion

    Bringing home the heart warming jewel.

    Sat p.m. 8.30

    Reiki Tunnel of Light

    Supported by spiritual friends.

    Sun a.m. 9.00

    Strolling Through the Magic City

    A mindfulness walk along a forest trail with spiritual signposts.

    Sun a.m. 11. 30

    Awakening the Subtle Mind

    Discovering that the evidence was there all the time.

    Sun p.m 2.30

    Deep Reiki

    Extended  transmission  through spiritual friends.

    Limited vacancies available. All inclusive cost $200. Please confirm your interest with Nara or Robert or phone (02) 9929 8643.