• 26/01/2012 /  Meditation Courses

    by Malcolm

    Intervals of Freedom

    An invitation to all Karuna friends.

    A new meditation course commencing fortnightly at 150 Walker Street.

    Meditation gives you intervals of being free from fuss and bother,

    free from stress and worry, and free from problems.

    So how do you get like that?

    Well, it’s not about being like this:

    Three Wise Monkeys

    It’s not about shutting out or switching off. Why? Because if you do that,  you have to eventually stop being switched off.

    and all the problems just come swarming back in again.

    Being free of worry and fuss begins  when you learn to scale your problems and bothers down in size

    and this is done in meditation.

    by learning to extend your consciousness and expand your mind.

    It’s about becoming like this:

    ‘With tranquil minds and constantly in contemplation
    they are peaceful, unprejudiced, at rest and free from longing,
    immune from all distraction and delusion.
    Their minds are calm and clear, profound and infinite.’
    (The Threefold Lotus Sutra)

    Choose either:

    Tuesday 31st January  7 pm


    Thursday 2nd February  7 pm

    For information call 9929 8463 or email Nara

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