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    The Karuna Post provides news from The Karuna Foundation.

    Posting Procedures

    The Karuna Post is a news and events page whose purpose is to accurately communicate Karuna Foundation news and events to the Karuna community.

    The page is not intended as a forum for reporting other news and events that are not about The Karuna Foundation.

    The page is not intended as a philosophical or religious discussion forum – many such forums can be found elsewhere.

    • The blog and its archive can be accessed by anyone.
    • Any reader can submit comments
    • To ensure that discussions stay on topic and are respectful of others, all comments are reviewed by the editors.
    • To ensure that all event information is accurate, to filter out any inappropriate content, and to decrease vulnerability to spam and list farmers, only the editors can post.
    • The Karuna Post editors are responsible for ensuring that these posting rules are applied fairly to all.


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    Contact Us

    To make contributions and suggestions please e-mail  NaraMalcolm, or Robert our editors. For queries of a technical nature, please email Keith, our web co-ordinator.